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The campaign runs from Feb. 1 – April 30, 2021
Campaign may be extended based on participation and progress of vaccinations.


Supportive Living Communities throughout Illinois have spent the last year waiting for a vaccine to be developed so we can move forward. And now that it’s here, what are we waiting for?  Let’s Get Vaccinated!

 AALC is launching a Let’s Get Vaccinated! campaign to urge all Supportive Living Program (SLP) staff members to get vaccinated. We’ve heard from many of our communities that some staff members are hesitant to get vaccinated. Yet we all know that the COVID-19 vaccine is the way forward!

That’s where Let’s Get Vaccinated! comes in.  Over the next few months, we will be providing resources aimed at educating and encouraging your staff to get their vaccinations. Our goal is to make it informative, fun and a little bit competitive!  Read below for more information on how to get started.

HOW IT WORKS - It's Informative, Fun & Competitive!

Informative Webinars

Let’s Get Vaccinated! Together We Can Do It.
AALC will hold three webinars, in association with Medication Management Partners, to answer any questions and concerns from members regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The seminar will address overcoming staff hesitancy toward vaccinations and provide helpful resources and answers. The final version of the live webinars will stay on the AALC website for future reference. If you miss the webinars - we'll post them here!

Fun - Buttons & Activities

I DID IT For Us! Buttons
SLP Communities can order “I DID IT for us!” buttons to distribute to staff members who have received their vaccinations. These colorful buttons are designed to be worn by staff during work hours to showcase the fact they have been vaccinated, and jump start conversations regarding the importance of getting vaccinated when people ask what the button means.  It is also designed to encourage staff members who have not been vaccinated to schedule their appointment.

Order your buttons today!
Ready to get started now? Download printable 2" labels.

Show Off Your Vaccinations on Social Media!
Throughout the campaign, we encourage you to post photos of your staff members and your residents getting their vaccinations and wearing their “I DID IT for us!” buttons.  Post your photos on social media to let individuals following your page see that your staff and residents are taking the steps needed to return to normalcy and a healthier life. Have fun with it! Show us your creativity! Take pics!

Be sure to tag @AALCIllinois and use the hashtags: #IDIDITFORUS and #GETVACCINATED when you post. We’ll track your posts and share them on our social media page.  We may even highlight your community in our monthly newsletter! And...the more you post and vaccinate, the more likely you are to win a prize!

Competitive - WIN PRIZES!

Each month AALC will select a photo of a staff member from one of our participating communities. Your social media posts and photos of staff are how we will select each month's winner.  Take photos of staff members following their vaccinations. Post these photos on Social Media. Have them wear the button/label, or hold up the Let's Get Vaccinated poster! We'll select a staff photo each month, contact the community, and you can notify them of their prize!  Winning staff members will also be highlighted on the AALC website and in our monthly newsletter.

How do you win?

  •  Fill out the form below to sign up for the Campaign to ensure your staff will be eligible for prizes!
  • Download the poster and post it in your staff break room. Let staff members know their photos, posted on your community Facebook page, makes them eligible to win cash prizes!
  • Post photos of your staff on Facebook, tag @AALConline, have them wear the buttons/label & be sure to use your hashtags! #LetsGetVaccinated #IdidItForUs
  • Fill out the form below to let us know your community will be participating so we can track your social media posts and award cash prizes to staff members each month!
  • At the end of the campaign, we'll ask you to fill out a form letting us know how successful you were. We'll use your responses to award a community prize for best results/innovation!




Melissa Bottorff
  Lacey Creek Supportive Living
 She received a $100 check from AALC!


Morgan Webster
Heritage Woods of Rockford
 She received a $100 check from AALC!

Check out some of the photos Supportive Living Communities across Illinois have posted to their Facebook pages in support of Let's Get Vaccinated!

Let's Get Vaccinated!
Together we can do it!


  Wednesday, March 3, 2020
1 p.m.

Join AALC & Medication Management Partners (MMP) to learn about the COVID-19 vaccines and have your questions answered by Patrice L. Johnson, RPh, PMP and Director of Partner Success at MMP. 

Learn About COVID-19 Vaccines including:

  • Vaccine Terminology
  • Vaccine Expectations
  • Common Vaccination Concerns

View "Let's Get Vaccinated" Webinar

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