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Supportive Living PLANNING GUIDE

Check out our suggestions below!

The following information provides you with suggestions for where you can travel each month, beginning in February. Each month we feature different locations throughout the world, along with a list of activities that correspond with that destination.
But the sky's the limit!
Let your resident's choose were they want to travel each month,
and post your activities/travels on Facebook!

Be sure to tag @AALCIllinois and use the hashtags:

 so we can track and promote your travels!

Visit New Orleans! Celebrate Mardi Gras & Valentine’s Day!

New Orleans Activity Ideas:

Valentines Day  & President's Activity Ideas:

  • Hold a craft day to prepare for Valentines Day (Feb. 14)
  • Have everyone dress in red or pink
  • Decorate sugar cookie hearts
  • Hold a Valentine's Day luncheon
  • Take photos and post on social media!
  • Elect a Valentine's Queen & King. Have them wear crowns throughout the day.
  • President's Day (Feb. 15) hold a trivia contest!


Visit Ireland! Celebrate St. Patty's Day!

Ireland Activity Ideas:

Visit Spain! Celebrate Easter & Earth Day!

Spain Activity Ideas:
Easter & Earth Day Activity Ideas:
  • Celebrate Easter Sunday (April 4)
  • Get Creative with Easter Crafts! 
  • Dye Easter Eggs, Decorate Cookies, Make Easter Cards
  • Decorate Easter Bonnets and hold a hat parade! Take pictures and post on social media.
  • Earth Day Celebration (April 22)
  • Plant a flower garden! Plant a tree!
  • Take a walk outside! Hold a scavenger hunt! 

Key Dates in April

April 4     Easter Sunday
April 22    Earth Day

Visit Mexico! Celebrate  Cinco De Mayo, Mother's Day & Memorial Day!

Mexico Activity Ideas:

    Mother's Day  & Memorial Activity Ideas:
    • Celebrate Mother's Day (May 9) by holding a Mother's Day Lunch
    • Hold Zoom calls with family
    • Make Mother's Day Cards for all the moms
    • Celebrate Memorial Day (May 31) by taking a virtual tour of the White House!
    • Have resident Veteran’s share stories
    • Write letters to soldiers
    • Hold an art day where residents draw/paint U.S. Flags or decorate your community in red, white & blue

      Key Dates in May

      May 9      Mother's Day

      May 31    Memorial Day

      Visit Italy! Celebrate Father's Day & Flag Day!

      Italy Activity Ideas:

      • Visit Italy Virtually!
      • Host an Italian Dinner! Pizza & Spaghetti
      • Tour Italian Museums, Talk about famous pieces of art
      • Hold an Italian Trivia night!
      • Learn some Italian!    Buon giorno= Good morning / Grazie= Thank you / Prego=You're welcome / Mi scusi = Excuse me
      Father's Day & Flag Day Activity Ideas:
      • Flag Day (June 14): Have residents paint flags from the countries they have visited! 
      • Hold a "Match the Country with the Flag" Contest!
      • Father’s Day (June 20): Zoom calls to Family
      • Print and color cards for dads
      • Take photos of all the dads and post on Facebook!

      Key Dates in June

      June 14    Flag Day
      June 20    Father's Day

      Visit the USA
      ! Celebrate 4th of July!

      USA Activity Ideas:

      4th of July Activity Ideas:

      • Hold a BBQ & picnic
      • Decorate in red, white & blue
      • Ask residents to dress in red, white& blue
      • Ice cream socials are always fun!
      • Plan a parade! Decorate walkers or walking sticks, wear silly hats, have fun!
      • Hold a 4th of July Scavenger hunt!

      Key Dates in July

      July 4    4th of July

      Photo & Testimonial Contests begin this month!

      Visit France! Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day!

      France Activity Ideas:

      • Visit France Virtually
      • Learn some French! Bonjour = Hello / Au revoir = Goodbye
        Bonne journée = Good Day / Merci = Thank you / Bonsoir = Good Evening
      • Have a French food day – Crepes, French Onion Soup, Quiche & Macarons,
      • Watch some fun films with French themes – The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ratatouille, An American in Paris, La Vie En Rose
      • Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day (August 6)
      •  Host a French themed party
      • Have everyone wear berets!

      Key Dates in August

      Photo & Testimonial Contests end this month!

      Visit Amsterdam/Netherlands! Celebrate Labor Day & Grandparents Day!

      Amsterdam Activity Ideas:

      • Visit Amsterdam Virtually
      • Tour the tulip gardens virtually
      • Make a bouquet of paper tulips
      • Ask the kitchen to hold a Amsterdam dessert night with apple pie  and Stroopwafels!
      • Learn some Dutch!   Hallo = Hello / Hoi = Hi / Goedemorgen – Good morning / Bedankt = Thanks
      • Celebrate Labor Day (Sept. 6) with a picnic or BBQ
      • Celebrate Grandparent's Day (Sept. 12) with a show & tell of family photos
      • Post photos of grandparents holding pics of grand kids to social media

      Key Dates in September

      Sept. 6  Labor Day

      Sept. 12 Grandparent's Day

      Visit Germany! Celebrate Halloween!

      Germany Activity Ideas:

      Halloween Activity Ideas:

      Key Dates in October

      Oct. 1: Best of our Abilities  & Centenarian Contests Begin

      Oct. 31: Halloween

      Visit India! Celebrate Veterans Day & Thanksgiving!

      India Activity Ideas:

      Veterans Day & Thanksgiving Activity Ideas:

      • Hold a hall parade for veterans to thank them on Veteran's Day (Nov. 11)
      • Celebrate veterans at dinner. Take a photo for Social media!
      • Hold a flag raising ceremony
      • Decorate tables for Thanksgiving (Nov. 25)
      • Have residents make Fall crafts like wreaths and painted gourds
      • Have fun making decorated turkey cookies!

      Key Dates in November

      Nov. 11    Labor Day

      Nov. 25    Thanksgiving

      Best of our Abilities & Centenarian Contests end this month

      Visit Norway! Celebrate Christmas & Winter Solstice!

      Norway Activity Ideas:

      • Visit Norway Virtually
      •  Learn some Norwegian! Hallo = Hello / Ha Det = Goodbye
        God Morgen = Good Morning / God Dag = Good Day / Nei = No /
        Thank you = Tusen Takk / Please = Vær så snill
      • Eat a traditional Norwegian meal such risengrynsgrøt; a hot rice pudding served with sugar, cinnamon and butter, Skillingsboller (Norwegian cinnamon rolls) or Sodd (Norway’s national dish is a soup with meat and vegetables)

      Christmas Activity Ideas:

      Key Dates in December

      Dec. 25    Christmas Day

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