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Supportive Living 2021 Overview

It’s been 14 years since we began celebrating Supportive Living together. What started as a week of activities designed to increase awareness of the Supportive Living Program has transformed into a year-long celebration!

This year we are doing things a bit differently. With COVID still impacting all our lives, Supportive Living celebration will be a virtual event. All activities will be conducted within the different communities to eliminate travel and any unnecessary risks to residents.  (Due to safety concerns, the Wii Bowling tournament and Spelling Bee/Trivia Contests will not be held this year, but they will resume when travel is safe!)

We're excited about our great line up of events that support our 2021 theme of Life is a Journey! Our activities will focus on traveling the world virtually. Take a look at our suggested calendar of events for each month beginning in February. Each month we will celebrate different locations throughout the world, and we will have a list of activities that correspond with that destination. For example: in February, we suggest a visit to New Orleans, where each community can put together a Mardi Gras celebration with beads, a New Orleans food night, etc. In October, we suggest visiting Germany and celebrating Oktoberfest! Have residents take a virtual tour of Germany, learn a few German phrases, and enjoy some delicious food! The best part? Communities can choose to participate every month, as often as you'd like.

Our Life is a Journey travel theme will also be tied into our annual photo, testimonial, and other events throughout the year.  So, while we can't travel right now, we can still “get out” and explore the world in other ways.  

Get started today! Ask your residents where they want to travel in 2021, and let the adventure begin! Check out what's coming up in the months ahead, or download the Planning Guide to learn more.

All we ask is that you post your activities on Facebook and tag @AALCIllinois. Use the hashtags #LifeisaJourney #SpiritofSupportiveLiving to help us track all the places you visit. The sky’s the limit!

Use your imagination, let your mind travel, and let the adventures begin!

If you have questions, let us know. Life is a Journey, and we look forward to seeing where it takes you and your residents!

Questions? Contact us!

Check out where SL Residents are going!
Be sure to post your photos on Facebook so we can add a few of them to our photo album!

#LifeIsAJourney  #SpiritofSupportiveLiving @AALCILLINOIS

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